EMSB Programs / Youth Special Needs

Supporting All Individual Learners (SAIL)

The SAIL is self-contained (or closed) class within a regular school designed for elementary aged students with autism spectrum disorder allowing them to grow and develop to their full-potential. 

With a smaller teacher-student ratio, Our SAIL classes are divided into junior classes from Grades 1 to 3 and senior classes from Grades 4 to 6.

Students work on academics modified to the individual student's needs.  Goals on improving communication, social behaviour, emotional and sensory-motor skills is also a focus of the class. Partial integration into a regular classroom may be possible as the student develops the necessary skills.

Consultative services are provided by a speech and language pathologist, psychologist, occupational therapist, special education and autism spectrum disorder consultants.

The decision to place a student in a self-contained class is only considered after numerous attempts have been unsuccessful to incorporate the student within the regular classroom.  Such a decision is made after appropriate consultation with the student's parents, teachers and professionals via a case-conference.