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Who We Are

The MHRC consists of a multidisciplinary group of professionals from the Student Services Department.  The Coordinator of the MHRC is Despina Vassiliou, psychologist at the EMSB.


Team Members:

Sandrine Aschour – Drug Abuse Prevention Consultant      
Paola Borzone – Guidance Counsellor
Emma Brown – Occupational Therapist
Andrea Carter – TEVA Consultant
Maria Castellanos - Psychologist
Beatrice Devroye – Speech Language Pathologist
Karla Dockery - Psychologist
Pina Evangelista – TEVA Consultant
Sarah Lynch – Special Education Consultant
Joseph Monacino – Spiritual and Community Animator
Stephanie Paquette – Project Harbour Coordinator
Janet Perlis – Psychologist
Renee St-Pierre – Psychologist
Courtney Sculnick – Special Education Consultant
Tina Stoupakis – Guidance Counsellor

Vanessa Zapatelli – Guidance Counsellor

Student Services Management Team:

Lew Lewis, Director, Student Services Department   
Julie René de Cotret, Assistant Director, Student Services Department
Patricia Sansone, Coordinator, Student Services Department   

MHRC Associates:

Claudia De Luca, Occupational Therapist
Pina Evangelista, Healthy School Consultant
Daphna Leibovici, Violence Prevention Consultant
Joseph Monachino, Spiritual and Community Animator
Susan Waite, Speech and Language Pathologist   

Mission Statement:

The mission of the EMSB Mental Health Resource Centre (MHRC) is to serve as a resource point through which best practices, knowledge, and expertise on matters related to mental health, can be readily accessible to the EMSB community. In order to achieve this goal, the EMSB aims to:

  • Affirm our commitment in providing the necessary prevention and intervention services to address the mental health needs of students within a regular school setting.
  • Strengthen and expand our partnership network via collaboration with various mental health partners. The goal is to enhance our team’s skills in order to provide effective support to our schools and, most importantly, to children and their families.
  • Promote research that is school-based in order to deliver our services more efficiently.
  • Focus on generating research that is school-based and can help direct our delivery of service more effectively.
  • Identify the needs of our school community regarding the issues of mental health in order to best service them – whether it is via consultation, in-service, videoconferencing, etc.
  • Promote teachers’ knowledge and understanding of mental health in order to strengthen their skill set when they encounter students with mental health concerns.
  • Create an exemplary model of service at the EMSB.