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Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre (BC Children’s Hospital)

Through real stories, expertise, and practical tips, this podcast helps families promote their mental health and wellness, navigating important topics to meet you where you are in your journey.

Armchair Expert

Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz (The Scaffold Effect) is a psychiatrist and founder of the Child Mind Institute. Dr. Koplewicz joins the Armchair Expert to discuss child mental health advocacy, the controversy of medication as treatment for children, and how he deals with parents who don’t believe in child psychiatry. Dr. Koplewicz and Dax discuss the problem with calling children normal or abnormal, how young people use alcohol and marijuana to self-medicate their social anxiety, and how dyslexia can be seen as a gift. Dr. Koplewicz talks about how people’s attitudes towards science has changed, how certain prescriptions can affect a child’s development as an adult, and the new film, Dear Evan Hansen. 

This is Normal

'This is Normal' is a podcast where young people talk about their own mental health challenges -- and how they got through them. Because when we share our stories, we can all feel a little less alone. Part of the Kids in Crisis series by USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin.

Youth Radio

Youth Radio is the premier podcast site not only for teens but by teens, provides relevant information from a teen’s point of view on a variety of mental health topics. Teens discuss their real-life struggles with mental health, wellness, social media and its impact on mental health, stress and how to manage it, and resources for those in need.

Player FM

Player FM is a central repository of podcasts addressing mental health issues and an amazing resource for teens struggling with their issues and for parents to learn how to manage them. This collection of podcasts changes regularly, yet you can certainly find within the archives something that will be useful and inspiring. The radio broadcasts touch on a wide array of issues including depression, anxiety, drugs and alcohol, therapy options, emotions, feelings and maneuvering through life with a mental illness.

Mental Illness Happy Hour

Mental Illness Happy Hour is a weekly podcast facilitated by former comedian Paul Gilmartin and addresses his own struggles with mental health. He regularly interviews therapists, listeners who struggle with various issues, even artists and celebrities. According to Psychology Today, Paul Gilmartin “Normalizes what so many others feel but have been too fearful or ashamed to express.” His desire is that through this podcast, he can help sufferers connect and feel a sense of hope.

The Dark Place

The Dark Place offers a safe place where mental health sufferers can relate, share stories, express themselves openly and candidly about their struggles, their successes, and resources for help. This weekly podcast is a great place for parents and teens to hear the real-life difficulties that others face and to understand that they are not alone.

Everybody blurts

Everybody blurts is a podcast that revolves around the subject of depression including resources, support systems, and tips and suggestions to manage it to lead a successful life. Hosted by Jayne Hardy, Everybody blurts is touted as being the “helping hand” to someone who struggles with depression, covering both the practical and emotional challenges.

NPR While National Public Radio

NPR While National Public Radio is not specifically targeted towards teens, there are many radio shows which address mental health issues such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, treatment and options.

Teen Wealth

Teen Wealth is an inspirational podcast that regularly shares stories, tips, and advice about eating disorders, mental health, self-esteem and a host of other topics that teens are faced with.

The Youth Mentor Podcast

The Youth Mentor Podcast, hosted by Amanda Rootsey, provides motivation and inspiration for teens struggling with mental health and their parents. Offering practical advice for how to maneuver through this crazy world, Rootsey shares additional assistance through the teen personal development school, “Shine From Within”.

SuperGirls Podcast

SuperGirls Podcast is a weekly broadcast which shares young women’s struggles with their self-worth, and hopelessness, and helps them to see that they are not alone during these tough times. Host, Jackie Schlerf, walks teenagers through discovering their true potential, dealing with regrets, hope, and resiliency, and finding comfort along with dozens of other inspiring topics.

Teen Talk

Teen Talk, produced by 16-year old Hayden Trowbridge, is a brand new podcast that discusses the many topics and challenges that teens face. From mental health to alleviating stress and controlling your life, Hayden shares her own personal stories and that of others.

Parenting Today’s Teens

Parenting Today’s Teens, while geared towards parents and hosted by Mark Gregston, this powerful podcast gives insight and support to parents from all walks of life. Whether your teen is experiencing a mental health issue, or simply in the throes of being a teenager, Mark has thoughts and suggestions for you in his weekly broadcast.

Answers for the Family

Answers for the Family – Radio Show brings options and answers to parents and caregivers of teenagers. Addressing a wide array of topics such as addictions, self-esteem, crisis intervention, and treatment options, host Ronen Rozner wants nothing more to be a resource to help and guide struggling parents.

You Inside Out

You Inside Out or affectionately known as UIO is a real look at issues that teenage girls deal with. Host Sonia Lewis discusses topics such as social anxiety, undiagnosed mental illness, bullying, peer pressure, and others to help teens understand that they are not alone and give them the support they need to successfully move into the future.

411 Teen

411 Teen, hosted by Dr. Liz Holfield, is a radio broadcast for a teen audience that regularly shares input from teens about eating disorders, mental health, sex, and risky behaviors.

Anxiety Free Teen Podcast

Anxiety Free Teen Podcast is a radio show designed specifically for parents of teens struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues and how to get your teen the help that they need. addresses mental health issues through music and song. Through its bi-weekly podcasts, this podcast addresses suicide, substance abuse, anxiety and OCD, and mental health resources.

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Nevertheless, She Persisted, hosted by Sadie Sutton, is a teenage girls’ journey through depression and anxiety. Sadie shares intimate details of her experiences with mental health issues, how mental health impacts a family unit, some skills that she would like to pass on to anyone who may be suffering as well as her advice about finding someone to speak to.

The Start of Something

The Start of Something is a teen centered, teen produced podcast which revolves around the mental health of teens. Host James Asher brings a new perspective to teens living with mental health issues.

That B Word

That B Word is a real-talk podcast primarily focused on Bipolar Disorder. Host Becky takes a close-up look at this disorder as well as reaches out to guests to discuss other important mental health issues such as Avoidant Personality Disorder and treatment options including mindfulness practice.

Today’s Teenagers

Today’s Teenagers, while this podcast is not specifically dedicated to teens, it provides insightful and relevant information to parents and caregivers about mental health issues in teens. Host and Licensed Counselor Roy Petitfils shares his more than 20 years’ experience in working with teens and how you can assist teens with the many issues that they are faced with on a daily basis. From social media engagement to problem solving techniques to starting a conversation about mental health, Roy gives you suggestions and tips to help you and your teen navigate the complicated teenage years.

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast, hosted by Gina Ryan, focuses on the effects of anxiety, how to manage it effectively through lifestyle changes, and the importance of trusting oneself to make appropriate actions to move them into the future. In other words, how to stop the worry about the future! Teens who suffer from anxiety disorder can greatly benefit from the inspiration and information provided by Gina.

The series, Child in Mind

The series, Child in Mind, is presented by BBC Radio 4 presenter Claudia Hammond. In each 20-minute episode, she discusses an important issue in child and family mental health with an expert and a young person or parent. We're releasing one episode per month.

Mental Health Library - Book List

A Bad Case of the Stripes

This is a story of an insecure girl who learns to be happy with her identity. A Bad Case of Stripes is the story of Camilla Cream, a girl who loves lima beans and worries about others' opinions of her. On the first day of school, Camilla wakes up to find herself completely covered in rainbow stripes! 

A Big Guy Took my Ball

In A Big Guy Took My Ball! Things are not always what they seem, Gerald and Piggie learn. Assumptions lead to misunderstandings, but just a little friendly conversation can clear things up and lead to fun.

Color Monster

One day, Color Monster wakes up feeling very confused. His emotions are all over the place; he feels angry, happy, calm, sad, and scared all at once! To help him, a little girl shows him what each feeling means through color. As this adorable monster learns to sort and define his mixed up emotions, he gains self-awareness and peace as a result. 

I Am Human

I Am Human, a hopeful meditation on all the great (and challenging) parts of being human, I Am Human shows that it’s okay to make mistakes while also emphasizing the power of good choices by offering a kind word or smile or by saying “I’m sorry.” 

My Body Sends a Signal

My Body Sends a Signal will also expand your children's vocabulary by offering them different words to express their feelings with. And finally, the book offers hands-on activities for hours of entertainment after reading.

*Activities included in the book 

My New Friend is so Fun

In My New Friend Is So Fun! Piggie has found a new friend! But is Gerald ready to share?!-converted.pdf 

My Strong Mind

Kate is a sporty and happy girl. She does well at school and has many friends. But like every girl, she sometimes faces difficult situations at home or at school. In My Strong Mind, discover how Kate uses her strong mind to tackle her daily challenges with a positive attitude. 

The Worrysauraus

Discover the perfect book to help every little anxious Worrysaurus let go of their fears and feel happy in the moment at hand! 


Printable Mandala: Created by EMSB high school students

Brochure: Pandémie et stress chez les 5-12 ans - Outils et trucs pour les parents

La brochure Pandémie et stress chez les 5-12 ans - Outils et trucs pour les parents s’adresse aux familles et vise à les outiller en ces temps difficiles, pour qu’ils puissent préserver la santé mentale de tous et naviguer à travers ce contexte aussi singulier.

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